City of Layton

Florida Keys
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 How do I request public information?

Public Records Custodian

Mimi Young CMC, CFM

visit our office at

68260 Overseas Hwy, Layton FL 33001

or by mail,

PO Box 778

Long Key FL 33001

or call

305-664-4667 (phone)

or fax

305-664-0105 (fax)

or by email




  What are the FEMA flood management rules?

All residents are reminded that to continue participation in the Community Rating Service portion of the flood plain management, they must comply with basic guidelines.  Attached is a copy of the FEMA flood management rules for "below base flood elevation."  Please contact Layton City Hall at (305) 664-4667 if you have any questions.

 What is the phone number for the Long Key Transfer Station?

The telephone number for the Long Key Transfer Station (the Dump) is:  (305) 289-6307.

 When is Garbage and Trash Collection?

Household garbage is picked up early on Monday and Thursday mornings by Marathon Garbage Service, Inc. They can be contacted at:  (305) 743-5165.   Yard waste is collected on Monday mornings and should be placed in trash cans cut to not be above can more than 6",  or cut to four (4) foot lengths and tied in bundles. Cans or bundles Shall not exceed 50 pounds.  Recyclables are to be placed in the blue containers and are picked up on Thursday mornings. Cans can be put out the night before.  Trash cans, garbage cans, trash, etc. shall not remain on any road right of way or front yard for more than twenty-four (24) hours. As a reminder the maximum size can is 32 gallons and will not be picked up if larger.  Bulk items are picked up on request by calling Marathon Garbage Service at 305-743-5165 at no additional cost.



 Who can help me to unlock the tennis courts?

The combination to the lock on the tennis court gate is available by calling City Hall at 664-4667 or Lime Tree Bay Resort at 664-4740. 

The tennis court is owned and operated by the City of Layton.  It is available to all residents and their guests free of charge. 

Lime Tree Bay Resort pays a yearly rental fee for use of the court by their guests,.